No Oil in Palagruza

With reference to the article published in Il Sole 24 Ore on April 29, the government of Palagruza reaffirms the determination not to allow foreign countries such as the Republic of Croatia to drill its territory for purposes petroleum and denies any agreement with multinational oil companies. The Liberal Socialist Republic of Palagruza is completely independent from dependence on hydrocarbons due to wind and wave action that produce about 1.8 KW / h.


#nosanremo island

Today our National Revolutionary Council has deliberated that frequencies of TV channels broadcasting italian mainstream songs contest will be oscured on a 20 miles area around our republic and exchanged with a random video selection from Youporn Vimeo.
«We are — and always will — for a total freedom, but too much is too much» declared official speaker of LSRP.

Palagruza help to italian people

The Revolutionary Council of Liberal Socialist Republic of Palagruza renews to italian Republic offers in order to keep in our comfortable right rock Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, and his white dog, under home arrest.