Our electoral system

Following the recent debate in our beloved italian neighbors, some people asked us how the electoral system in Palagruza is. It’s quite simple. We don’t have elections, cause no one wants to rule or manage other people, and people are happy with that. In case of closed discussion, we use a system – quite used in Italy – called “pari o dispari”. It’s a kind of “maggioritario secco”, as they called it in Italy.

Matrimoni e unioni civili a Palagruža

Il consiglio supremo di Palagruža risponde all’interpellanza di alcuni cittadini:

Da tempo qui a Palagruža abbiamo abolito qualsiasi forma di unione, cioè, lo stato di Palagruža se ne sbatte, e i cittadini tra loro possono stipulare qualunque contratto in forma scritta o verbale, e chiamarlo matrimonio, calcetto, squadra di basket, unione, scopamicizia, legame davanti a Dio, ecc. 

Solo cinque regole sono inderogabili:

  1. si fa a mezzo di tutto 
  2. il primo che muore lascia tutto all’altro
  3. i figli sono di chi li ama, comunque le loro cellule siano state prodotte 
  4. sono vietati i conti separati in pizzeria. 
  5. se andate verso Medjugorie, fate il giro dall’altra parte. 

Per il resto, vale la regola della suprema Costituzione di Palagruža: “tutto è permesso, salvo ciò che è vietato”

no cookies in Palagruža

Since Palagruza anything goes except what is prohibited, our interpretation of the European law on cookies is as follows: «bullshit bullshit bullshit, do as you please». So, move your liberal-socialist sites here, life is short and we have no time to waste as in Italy.

The Revolutionary Committee at #freelancecamp in Italy Republic

Misled by the word “free” our revolutionary committee participated in a trade union demonstration called “freelance camp”, in which they made profitable business relationships for the settlement in our island of operators in the service industry. The Committee is grateful for the welcome and all the fish.


No Oil in Palagruza

With reference to the article published in Il Sole 24 Ore on April 29, the government of Palagruza reaffirms the determination not to allow foreign countries such as the Republic of Croatia to drill its territory for purposes petroleum and denies any agreement with multinational oil companies. The Liberal Socialist Republic of Palagruza is completely independent from dependence on hydrocarbons due to wind and wave action that produce about 1.8 KW / h.


#nosanremo island

Today our National Revolutionary Council has deliberated that frequencies of TV channels broadcasting italian mainstream songs contest will be oscured on a 20 miles area around our republic and exchanged with a random video selection from Youporn Vimeo.
«We are — and always will — for a total freedom, but too much is too much» declared official speaker of LSRP.